Animals & Livestock Tracking Management

Identification and Tracking for Livestock, Pet , Laboratory Animals 

Animal Tracking System can make us easier to track animals from birth to harvest in compliance with food safety and traceability regulation. 

It can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with traceability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries. And such management system can simplify full life cycle tracking of food source animals and facilitate daily data collection for accurate, simplified recording.

What our Porray-RFID  can supply  is non-contact RFID transponders and scanner.  Each RFID transponder has an unique tag ID. You can link related information with tag IDs based on background data system. Like: 

   Feet Ring Tag

                         ---  pigeon, chicken, duck

◆ Implanted Glass Tag

                      ---  horse, fish, pet cat, dog

 ◆   TPU Ear Tag

                     ---  sheep,goats, cattle


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