Smart Ticketing

Automatic Ticketing Access System 

Usually, the system implement e-ticketing of 4 types:
    •  Barcode tickets (1D or 2D) for single entry
    •  Smart RFID cards for full season fans, VIP and staff
    •  “Print at Home” tickets
    •  M-ticketing: mobile ticketing using spectator smart phone!

The system keeps track of each ticket, according to pre-defined rules.
The system has many advantages and suits all size of stadiums and arenas – small medium or large! It also used at convention centers, trade shows parks, open air event, attraction sites, etc.

What our Porray-RFID can do is various types of Smart RFID transponders based on different encapsulation ways. Such as: 

Welcome you to share with us your application story first. We then can recommend you appropriate rfid products.

   1) Real-time tracking 

           - to capture and provide vital admissions statistics

   2) Super Secure 

        - To prevent ticket fraud easy 

   3)  High efficiency

       - To ensure people move faster than traditional barcodes

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