Product Description

This contact-less Embedded RFID Tire Tag has very high performance. It is intended to be embedded into the tire so that we can track the tire electronically. The microchip stores the tire's unique ID, which can be associated with the vehicle identification number. The chip can also store information about when and where the tire was made, its maximum inflation pressure, size and so on. Information can be updated with a handheld reader.

Product Info

Unit pcs
Minorder 500

Product Detail

860 to 960MHz Embedded RFID Tire Tag

Technical Specification

    - P/N:  PR-RT001

    - RFID Chip: Alien H3

    - Memory: 96 bits EPC, 512 bits user memory

    - Read Range: 1~1.5m read range. (depending on reading equipment and application environment) 

   - Size : 84mm  ;  PCB: 8.7(L) *3.7(W) mm

   - Type: Flexible Construction

   - Net Weight:  0.3g approx.

  - Operating Temperature: -40~85℃

  - Application Temperature: -40~ 200℃

  - Mounting: Embedded in the green tyre during manufacturing

Product Feature

    - Flexible construction to withstand type deformation

   - Embedded in the green tire during manufacturing

   - Read and write user data

   - Protocol ISO18000-6C( EPC Class 1 Gen 2)


     - Tyre maintenance and extend tyre life span

    - Inventory control & Logistic management

    - Recycle tyre efficiently and save energy

    - Prevent theft and cloning

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