Product Description

This series is PCB material ( FR4) Anti-metal RFID Tag . 
There are different dimensions of self adhesive UHF RFID EPC Gen 2 tag to match your actual applications. 
● Mount-on-metal 
● Waterproof 
● High Temp, Resistant

Product Info

Unit pcs
Minorder 100
Payment T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Port Shenzhen, China
Place Shenzhen, China

Product Detail

 FR4 UHF Anti-metal Tag

Technical Specification
     - P/N:   RI-P9525
    - Dimension:  95*25mm, 3mm thickness
    - Frequency:  UHF  902~928 MHZ
    - Chip Type:    EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ( ISO18000-6C)
    - Memory:  User Moemory 512 bit, EPC: 96bits Chip 
    - Encapsulation:    FR4 material
    - Operating Temperature :   -20ºC ~ +140ºC
    - Storage Temperature : -30ºC~ +160ºC
    - Features:  Robust, Impact-proof, Easy Fastening, Ultra-thin design, Heat Resistance
    - Tagging Method:  Adhesive tape back (Option) or Plastic screw
   ●    Warehouse Management
   ●    IT Asset Management
   ●    Facility Management; 
   ●    Mount-on-metal 
   ●    Waterproof 
   ●    High Temp, Resistant

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