Product Description

This PCB UHF RFID On Metal Tag is typically encased within a hard shell and will survive hard impacts, moisture exposure as well as extreme temperatures, which enables company to track metal equipment or components more easily and efficiently.

Product Info

Unit pcs
Minorder 100
Payment T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Port Shenzhen, China
Place Shenzhen, China

Product Detail

 FR4 UHF RFID On Metal Tag

◆ Technical Specification

     - P/N:   RI-P8020

    - Dimension:  80*20mm, 3mm thickness

    - Frequency:  UHF  902~928 MHZ

    - Chip Type:    EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ( ISO18000-6C)

   - Memory:  User Moemory 512 bit, EPC: 96bits Chip 

   - Encapsulation:    FR4 material

   - Operating Temperature :   -20ºC ~ +140ºC

   - Storage Temperature : -30ºC~ +160ºC

   - Features:  Robust, Impact-proof, Easy Fastening, Ultra-thin design, Heat Resistance

   - Tagging Method:  Adhesive tape back (Option) or Plastic screw

◆  Features

   ●    Mount-on-metal 
   ●    Waterproof 
   ●    High Temp, Resistant

◆ Applications

   ●    Warehouse Management

   ●    IT Asset Management

   ●    Facility Management

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