Product Description

UHF RFID Silicone Laundry Tag Suitable for washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing. This is a highly durable UHF tag designed to be used in industrial laundry applications to withstand repeated washing and drying cycles in professional cleaning equipment. Being a small, flexible white strip, the tag can be easily embedded in clothing or linen and remain hidden to the user at everyday operations. 

Product Info

Unit pcs
Minorder 1
Port Shenzhen port
Place Shenzhen, China
Packaging 100pcs per bag

Product Detail

UHF RFID Silicone Laundry Tag

Technical Specification

- Dimension:  55*12mm, 2.5mm thickness

- Net Weight:  2.1g approx.

- Material: silicone 

- Chip:  Alien H3

- Bonding: QFN ( Quad Flat No-lead Package)

- Frequency: 860-960MHZ

- Reading Range: 5-8m  ( varied with the reading equipment)

- Life Span:  200 washing cycles

- Operating temperature:-40~80℃

- Storage temperature:-40~200℃

- Tagging: sewing,heat-sealing

Key Feature

-   Multiple and simultaneous reading

 High durability, complete flexibility and heat-seal capability

-  Small, soft and flexible material


- laundry industry                              - asset tracking

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