Product Description

This uhf rfid laundry tag is specially designed for customers' clothes washing factory. The tag is designed with inverted button sleeve ring -- the tag can be easily locked on customers' clothes with buttons, buttonholes or customers' clothes laundry tag ring. Material use of washable, deformation resistant silica gel, to achieve circulation.

Product Info

Unit PCS
Minorder 100
Payment T/T, PayPal
Port Shenzhen
Place Guangdong Shenzhen, China

Product Detail

Washable and Recyclable Silicone UHF Rfid Laundry Tag 

◆ Product Specification

   - P/N: RI-K011

   - Dimension : 13.25*88mm,belt 138mm

   - Material: silicone

    - Inner Chip: Alien H3

   - Memory:  128 bits EPC, 32 bits user memory

   - Working Frequency : 860-960mhz

   - Reading Distance: 1m

*The final read range depends on RFID Reading equipment and application environment.

    - Tag lifetime: First of 200 wash cycles or 3 years from ship date.

◆ Key Feature

    *  Washable,

    *  Deformation resistant,

    *  Recyclable

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